The All-Girls Experience

Western High School: A Pioneer in Gender Equity

Western is the oldest all-girls public school in the nation, founded in 1844.  Honoring that distinction, the International Coalition of Girls Schools (ICGS) awarded our school its Red Lantern Award. Principal White accepted the award which celebrated Western High School for lighting the path for the education of girls.

ICGS has a wealth of research showcasing the value of the single-sex education setting for girls. Please visit to see the data and how Western is a part of the Coalition’s worldwide community. 

In the meantime, here are quick facts of the 14 key proven advantages of all-girls schools:

  • Greater Cultural Competency
  • Stronger Community Involvement
  • Increased Civic & Political Engagement
  • Fosters Her Voice
  • Develops Leadership Skills
  • Builds Self-Confidence
  • Dedicated to How Girls Learn
  • Inspirational Environment
  • Academic Achievement
  • Fosters Increased Interest & Confidence in STEM
  • Excellent Mentoring
  • Free From Stereotypes
  • Higher Aspirations
  • Prepares Girls for the Real World

Western alums will especially testify to the value our school’s incredibly strong sisterhood!

ICGS provides concrete data illustrating and affirming each of the advantages…and sharing stories of “girls to gamechangers” results and attitudes. For a wealth of great information, please visit
The Foundation believes the all-girls environment has powered the success of many Western alumnae and is particularly important in Baltimore city today. We believe a greater number of families must learn about the advantages available to their daughters! That’s why we funded and designed new billboards at the entrance of the school and on Coldspring Lane near the heavily trafficked ramp to I83.
We are committed to encouraging families to visit Western. Private single-sex schools in the area have tuitions ranging from $17,000 to $36,000 annually. Parents are sacrificing to offer their children single-sex education, yet Western provides the sisterhood environment and a unique cultural expansion without tuition. We urge city parents to consider Western in their mix of options.

We plan to provide middle-school teas in Western’s lobby with a Western student ambassador at every table to share her Western experience with girls in the decision making process. As well, we will provide important ICGS/WHS information to middle-schoolers at school fairs and in guidance counselor offices.

To refer a talented middle-school student and her family to Western, please call the Office of Enrollment Choice at 410.396.8600 or email


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