21st Century Renovation​

Western High School Will Become a 21st Century School

Since our founding, the Foundation has sought ways to help upgrade the Western High School building on Falls Road. We applaud Principal White’s incredible leadership in keeping the interior clean and gleaming. The Foundation has worked to install a bright banner, replace the completely faded pole banners and upgrade our green front campus – a distinctive, unique asset of our Dear Western. 

Yet, the needs are still daunting!

The exterior windows are in desperate need of upgrade, the pool needs refurbishment and the greenhouse we all loved had been removed due to disrepair. Just when environmental careers and environmental majors are surging in Maryland colleges and universities! Not to mention upgrades in bathrooms and water fountains.

How overjoyed we were to learn that Western and Poly are next for the 21st Century School Buildings Program slated to begin in 2+ years!

What is the 21st Century School Buildings Program?

Through the collective efforts of Baltimore City Public Schools, the Maryland Stadium Authority, the City of Baltimore, and Maryland’s Interagency Commission on School Construction, the mission of the 21 st  Century School Buildings Program is to:

What Will be the Foundation’s Role?

The transformation of Western’s building will be enormously consequential to our mission of strengthening our school’s reputation and ascendancy! The Foundation was very engaged in the feasibility process, weighing in on Western’s prominent presence on Falls Road AND emphasizing building aspects which are uniquely important to alumnae and future Western generations.

Western High School Foundation will continue to be engaged in the process and ensuring the renovation/relocation years are a positive experience for students and faculty. It will be a challenge, but the results will be hugely positive for Western’s future. We intend to maximize the new school to attract talented middle-school students, boost current students and engage communities surrounding Western’s campus.

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