About Western High School Foundation

Our Mission

Our mission is to preserve and strengthen Western High School’s reputation as an important institution with strong college-preparatory coursework, new relevant offerings, distinctive traditions, a nurturing single-sex learning environment, and competitive student outcomes.

The sum of these hallmarks makes Western High School more relevant than ever to advance young women to become strong future leaders in our city, country and world.

Our Vision

The Foundation’s role is advocacy, strong partnerships and fundraising for Western’s continued strength and advancement as an institution and academic beacon. The School advances the students; The Foundation advances the school.

The Foundation organizes its work with a two-pronged strategy: ongoing support of Western’s distinctions and fundraising for a selected annual priority.

Ongoing Spotlight, Support, and Research

The Foundation’s advocacy, pursuit of partnerships and fundraising are aligned in order of priority and feasibility. The Foundation supports several areas of distinction in one or more ways.

  • Value of single-sex education
  • 21st Century Schools Renovation
  • Sister Schools Global Initiative
  • Teacher Academy of Maryland
  • Outstanding student and alumnae achievement/awards

Annual Priority

Each year, the Foundation will discern and support the highest priority program and distinction of Western High School.  While the Foundation will provide attention to a range of important initiatives, each year, the Foundation Board will select its focus of multi-level support.

Our partnerships and funds enhance Western’s strengths, not a replacement for operational school needs. 

In 2023 our top priority has been showcasing and supporting the Teacher Academy of Maryland –only at Western – and our incredibly caring, whip-smart, diverse faculty.

After all, teachers are Western’s super-power!

Learn more about the Teacher Academy of Maryland and our upcoming 2023 celebration event. 

Please let us know if you would like to help by sending your contact information!

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